Design has to work. We will evaluate it for you.

Consider us as your neutral consultants and experts who help to improve the effectiveness of your communication activities or, if necessary, confirm high quality. We check your designs for the most important criteria and thus give you valuable decision support.

Our evaluation is based consistently on impact and perception processes and takes into account the desired goal, your target group, the environment and cultural factors. In addition, we give you a note on the technical implementation.

All reviews are confidential, because we support advertises, agencies and designers and loyalty is guaranteed. As a neutral partner we improve the quality of your communication.







To know exactly what your target audience wants – what is desired. But how exactly does the right design and promise look like? Where and how are which messages positioned? What makes a message and the difference? When will it be seen by whom? We can answer all these questions. We take a close look at your design and give you an assessment and a recommendation.


What causes wishes? How do you wake up wishes? Who is taking which strategy? Today’s world seems very stigmatized. And yet everyone wants to be completely individual and seem.


When do you get thrilled? What does he / she have to see, so that the passion is kindled? Is passion incidental or meaningfulness? How could Apple, Rolex, and others become a passion? The answer seems a bit simple. Everyone has looked into the target audience’s heart and discovered more than a simple wish. Passion.


Who am I without any social contacts? Where do I want to be, to whom do I want to belong? And why? To feel at home.

An archaic need for social environment by group, clique or family is firmly anchored in us. Which pictures and words answer the need for belonging? Marketing is working with this aspect of human behavior.