Desgin2Check rates your designs and motifs quickly and clearly.

We know the workflow in creative departments and know how important fast and efficient feedback is.

You send us the motive and the questionnaire for the briefing objectives. We analyze the design in based on your tasks. Within max. 36 hours we will send you a scorecard with 10 criteria that will tell you on a scale of points how far the goal has been accomplished and the quality achieved.

You just have to…

1. Select your medium, fill in the questionnaire and upload the motif as a pdf.

2. Choose your expertise: Expert (with 10 criteria) or Expert plus (10 criteria plus concrete suggestions) .

3. You pay your order via bank transfer or PayPal

4. After 36 hours at the latest you will receive your expert evaluation

Simple, efficient and of great use for your communication.

The questionnaire is very important for our evaluation so that we can evaluate your goal, your environment and your target group in the right context. Please note that you only have pdf, jpeg, Upload png or GIF files – so that the amount of data allows an efficient workflow.